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ppe large
ppe large

Precision Electric Control Valves (PPE)


Technical Information

DeZURIK’s Precision Electric Control Valve is recognized industry wide as the most accurate and reliable basis weight control valve available.


This high-resolution control valve is specifically designed for critical paper stock control, and is used for basis weight and head box level control applications.


It provides unmatched control accuracy, positioning and repeatability with up to 7760 repeatable positions.


The Precision Electric Valve accepts digital or analog signals.


It features total electric operation with backlash that is essentially zero.


Flange drilling is per ASME standards.

Size range:
4 - 20" (100 - 500mm)


Temperature range:
32°- 450°F (0°- 232°C)


Pressure rating:
275 psi (1890 kPa) CWP


Body material:
316 Stainless Steel


Plug type:
V-port concentric or straight concentric


Actuator type:
AC synchronous motor


Feedback mechanisms:
Potentiometer and resolvers