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Metal Seated Cone Valve (VMC) Willamette


Technical Information

Willamette Metal Seated Cone Valves are built to last under the most severe conditions. They are 100% full port, conical plug type valves with a circular waterway through both body and plug in the full open position. Each valve consists of a tapered cone/plug that fits precisely into a mating body. 


Valves can have a Double Seat Plug with the seat in the closed position as standard or an optional Four Seat Plug with a seat in both the open and closed position. Valves can be furnished with Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic or Manual Handwheel operators.

Size range:
6 - 48" (150-1200mm)


Body styles:
Series 2200


Pressure rating:
125, 150, 300 psi (860, 1030, 2070 kPa) CWP service


Body material:
Ductile iron