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actm large
actm large

DeZURIK M-Series Actuators


Technical Information

M-Series Actuators are designed for use on smaller DeZURIK AWWA Butterfly Valves. The M-Series Actuator meets the requirements of AWWA C504 standards.


The fully enclosed scotch yoke mechanism allows the M-Series Actuator to provide a torque curve that matches the torque requirements of the valve.


The thread system of the traveling nut is self-locking, maintaining disc position under varying flow conditions.

Size range:
3" - 24" (80 - 600mm)


Materials of construction:
Cast-iron housing in buriable or weatherproof construction. One-piece yoke machined from a ductile iron casting. Carbon steel input shaft and aluminum bronze yoke bearing.


Input torque capability:
As required by AWWA C504, an input torque capability of 300 foot pounds against the open and closed position stops is standard. A 450-foot-pound capability is available as an option.


Output torque:
550 foot pounds.


Hand wheel, chain wheel or 2" (50mm) square nut options.