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High Performance Butterfly Valve (BHP)


Technical Information

High Performance Butterfly Valves comply with API 609 Category B and can be used for shutoff and throttling control.


They are designed to handle everything from general applications to viscous and corrosive liquids; corrosive gases and steam. A wide variety of seat types are available including the dynamic PTFE seat which provides bubble-tight shutoff in both directions; dual metal/PTFE seat for dirty, viscous services; and the Fyre Block seat, designed for fire safe applications, which meets API607 fire test standards. NACE trim, stem seal options for fugitive emissions control, pressurized neck extensions for cryogenic applications, plus many other options are available.

Size range:
2-60" (50-1500mm)

Temperature range:
to 700°F (370°C). On application to 1000°F (540°C)


ANSI Class rating:
150, 300

Pressure rating:
275-740 psi (1890-5100 kPa); 150 psi (1030 kPa) option 36” (900m) and larger.


ANSI B16.104 Shutoff Class:
PTFE, Dual and Fyre-Block Seat, Class VI; Metal seat, Class IV or V


Body styles:
Wafer or lugged


Body material:
Carbon Steel, 316 or 317 stainless steel


Actuator type:
Lever, handwheel, chainwheel, square nut, PowerRac® double-acting and spring- return cyinder, spring-return diaphragm, Compak double-acting and spring-return cylinder