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Uninterrupted Seat Resilient Seated Buttlerfly Valve (BOS-US)


Technical Information

BOS-US Resilient-Seated Butterfly Valves feature  an uninterrupted seat design, one-piece body, solid one-piece shaft and a high performance resilient seat.


Sizes 2-20” (50-500mm) feature seat bonded to the body while sizes 24” (600mm) and larger feature a seat bonded to a solid backing ring.

Size range:
2-20" (50-500mm)
Larger sizes on application


Temperature range:
to 250°F (121°C)


Pressure rating:
2-20” (50-500mm) = 250 psi (1720 kPa) with ductile iron/nickel plated disc; 200 psi
(1380 kPa) with 316 stainless steel disc.


Shutoff capability:
Bubble-Tight, full rated bi-directional shutoff; lugged valves provide dead end service to full valve rating.


Body styles:
Wafer or lugged


Body material:
2-20” (50-500mm) ductile iron; 24-42” (600-900mm) cast iron


Actuator type:
Lever, handwheel, chainwheel, square nut, PowerRac® double-acting and spring- return cylinder, G-Series cylinder