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Maximium Duty Cast Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves (KGC-MD)


Technical Information

DeZURIK KGC-MD Maximum Duty Cast Knife Gate Valves are designed to provide long service life in highly abrasive applications including Pulp and Paper, Mining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Steel and Food Processing industries.


These Maximum Duty Knife Gate Valves are specifically designed to provide the shearing and sealing capabilities needed in demanding services such as cyclone separators, recycle high density cleaners, recycle detrashers, hydropulpers, pulper rejects/knotters, or sand cleaners.

The KGC-MD Knife Gate Valves are available in 3-24" (80-600mm) sizes with metal or dual metal and resilient seats.


To withstand highly abrasive media, the valves are available with a replaceable hardened seat, hardened gate, full 100% port opening, high performance packing system with wire scraper rings, and heavy-duty superstructure. All these features combine to provide a longer service life, less downtime and less maintenance than other valves designed for these tough applications.

Mechanically Retained Seat: 
Metal or Dual metal and resilient seats. Valve seat rings are available with hardened overlays for abrasive services.


Dezurik Exclusive Premium Packing System 
Rounded Packing Chamber machined to tight tolerance.
Matching Knife Gate with rounded edges. 
Top and Bottom Braided Wire Scraper Rings and many packing material options to meet the demands of your specific application.


High Flow Capacity 
Valve Seat inside diameter (I.D.) is equal to the I.D. of standard (ASME B36.10) pipe. 


Size Range 
3-24" (80-600mm)


Pressure Rating 
150 psi C.W.P. (1030 kPa)