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h200 big
h200 big

Bonnetless Knife Gate Valves (H-200)


Technical Information

Fabricated Bonnetless Gate Valves can be built to US or International Standards.


Available with wafer or special extended face-to-face dimensions for replacement of existing valves.

Size range:
Through 144" (to 3700mm)


Temperature range:
-40°F to 2000°F


Pressure rating:
25-300 psi (170-2070 kPa)


Metal or resilient with options for removable seat, inflatable seal or grease seal


Solid alloy or alloy wetted parts construction. Available in any weldable alloy including stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel or Titanium. Optional abrasion and corrosion resistant designs with hard facing available.


Actuator type:
Handwheel, chainwheel, bevel gear, cylinder, electric motor.