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Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves (CRF) APCO


Technical Information

Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves feature a unique, simple design with only one moving part.


The flapper does not swing from a hinge pin; it simply flexes open.


The seat is on a 45° angle.


The flapper travels 35° from open to closed, usually before column reversal can occur.


It has non-slam characteristics.


The valve requires no regular maintenance.


Recommended for water, sewage, gas, oil and rubber lined for chemicals.

Body material:
Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Bronze


Rubber Flapper Materials:
Acrylonitrile Butadiene (NBR), Chloroprene (CR), Fluoro Rubber (FKM), and Terpolymer of Ethylene Propylene and a Diene (EPDM)


Body styles:
100, 100SA, 100SR, 100A


Pressure rating:
100, 100SA, 100SR = 175 psi CWP (1210 kPa)
100A =  250 psi CWP (1720 kPa).


Size range:
2-48" (50-1200mm)